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    Under The Hood

    Published on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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  • Coming of Age and Out of the Closet

    Published on Friday, November 28, 2014

    If you’ve seen a British flick 17 years junior of the famous Dead Poets Society, albeit a little less depressing, added with a darker humor, minus a suicide, but filled with the same amount of romanticism, it was probably The History Boys.

    With the twists and turns of student-faculty romance, same-sex orientations, odd receptions of harassment, and misconstrued moments of invincibility, the charm and swagger that Dakin and the boys forcibly bring to the table transform the comedy-drama into a classic coming-of-age film. If you ever find yourself in the mood to view a coming of age and coming out the closet, here are our top five choices.


    You Are Not Alone (1978)

    You are not alone_opt

    “Give me the shampoo, will you?” You will never hear these words the same way again. You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene) sees schoolboy Bo fall in love with the headmaster’s son at an all-boys boarding school. Known for its famous (and controversial) shower scene, the film revolves around sexual awakenings.

    Beautiful Thing (1996)

    Beautiful Thing_opt

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a list without Jamie and Ste. It has all the components of a formula coming-of-age film–a troubled but understanding parent, the other slightly unhinged and abusive one, an innocent love affair, a climax somehow involving a party, and a light and hopeful ending involving dancing in public.

    Edge of Seventeen (1998)

    Edge of Seventeen_opt

    There’s nothing like a good coming-out scenario than torturing your straight, female best friend. On the brink of moving to New York to study music, Eric goes through an Adventureland-meets-Blue is the Warmest Color transition, meeting a gay college student at the local amusement park and venturing to a gay disco alone.

    My Summer of Love (2004)


    If you didn’t know that Emily Blunt once starred in a steamy, bordering-on-crazy drama, you’re welcome. Starring alongside Natalie Press, the two portray young women who spend a summer full of cigarettes, alcohol, sunbathing, and kissing in waterfalls together. With a simple end to an intricate story, your definition of fantasy will change.

    Dream Boy (2008)

    Dream Boy_opt

    Imagine a darker premonition of what Perks of Being A Wallflower was to be, only involving two boys. With a perfect escalation, starting with Nathan (Stephan Bender) moving to a small town and meeting upperclassman Roy (Maximillian Roeg) to the two spending their final night in the woods, the film is a torturous example of a promising but hopeless love affair.–JANROE THE BOAT

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