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STATUS is Asia’s youth culture magazine, focusing on the future of fashion, music, art, and urban lifestyles–from Manila to Singapore, Seoul to Paris, LA to New York, and everywhere in between. We are always on the watch for rising trends as they gain ground in the streets. We excite, inspire, and affect the influencers of tomorrow.
For product reviews, features, internships, job applications and other related concerns, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently asked questions


I want to get magazine copies. How?

    If you want to read us on your desktop computer or carry STATUS everywhere in your iPad/iPhone/etc., check statusmagonline.com/digital-magazine to get STATUS via Zinio.com. You can even get past issues for free.
    Ask the store staff (see no. 1) because they sometimes have them in stock, but they may not be on the rack anymore. Otherwise, you can call up Greyone Social or Trilogy Boutique at (#) when they’re available. E-mail info@statusmagonline.com (subject: past issues), and we’ll se if we have any left in the office.
    We’re working on the subscription process, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be first to know when it happens. Then again, you could always download our latest issue at our website, statusmagonline.com/digital-magazine.


How can I be an Intern?

We want interns who are street- and book-smart, well-versed with youth culture, and determined. If you think you’re fit, e-mail us at editorial@statusmagonline.com. Tell us why you want to be a part of our team and why you’re the perfect intern for us. Of course, you need to include your resume and STATUS-related sample articles/artwork.

As an intern, you are expected to:

  • Come at least 3 working days per week.
  • Assist us with pull-outs and shoots
  • Write for our magazine and blog
  • Create artwork/assist with layout
  • Promote our magazine along with other marketing duties

In return, we provide you with a real-life understanding of how a publication works, and you get to work with some of the coolest, most creative people locally and internationally. Of course, there are more perks as well–but be prepared to work really hard.


I want to work for STATUS. How do I apply? What are the requirements?

For those who wish to apply, e-mail your resume, cover letter (saying what you want to do, what you can do, and why you would be perfect for this job), plus STATUS-related sample work to the corresponding emails below.


For Editorial (editorial@statusmagonline.com):

  • Interest in fashion, art, music, street culture
  • Good writing skills

For Art (editorial@statusmagonline.com):

Graphic designers:

  • Must have their own laptop for work
  • Can work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign
  • Should be able to do basic illustration and typography
  • Has keen attention to detail
  • Has good research skills
  • Photography and post-processing skills are a plus

Video editors:

  • Must be able to work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere
  • Should be able to shoot and edit videos
  • Able to storyboard, precompose, and animate motion graphics

Web designers:

  • Must be able to work with CSS, HTML, and WordPress themes
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is preferred

Marketing (send to marketing@statusmagonline.com):

  • Must be good in communication, researching, and multitasking
  • Be creative in conceptualizing/coming up with ideas
  • Know how to dress well and look presentable at all times
  • Be willing to extend long hours at the office to meet with clients and deal with projects
  • Must be updated with magazines, fashion, internet, events, advertising, and media


Hey, STATUS Magazine. I am the best writer/photographer/artist in the whole world and I want to contribute to your magazine. Yes?

Prove your mettle, and we just might. Send us a portfolio showcasing your works that are related to the image and feel of our magazine, your resume, as well as a letter of intent why you feel you and STATUS should work together. We’re always on the lookout for fresh views and pioneering insights, and we appreciate new talents as long as they are aligned with the direction of the magazine. Shoot us an e-mail at editorial@statusmagonline.com.


I think STATUS is cool. I am cool. You should feature me. That’d be great, right?

If you think you perfectly capture the essence of youth culture and succinctly represent the vibe of our magazine, send us a message at editorial@statusmagonline.com. Tell us why we should feature you and what makes you special enough to deserve our attention. Who knows–we might just end up becoming your biggest fans.


I want to feature my products/business in your publication. Could you kindly tell me how? Sincerely, Company X.

We like featuring fresh, groundbreaking stuff in our publication, whether these are gadgets, clothes, or establishments. Give us your press material in advance (two to three months ahead is best) and we will deliberate whether you’re fit to be placed in our pages. E-mail us at editorial@statusmagonline.com

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