Adele Flips the Finger at the The BRIT 2012 Awards

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Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

adeleAfter winning a grand total of six awards in last week’s Grammy’s, Adele gives the world a little something more to talk about with her unique performance during the BRIT 2012 Awards.

Never—we repeat—never cut off Adele in the middle of her speech, or else she’ll give you a middle of her own.

After winning the award for British Album of The Year at this year’s BRIT awards, the six Grammy award-winning Adele gave a heartfelt speech about how proud she was of British music and how thrilled she was to wave the Queen’s banner overseas. But a few seconds later, an apologetic James Corden went up to her with cease order from the suits up on high. The result, a fiesta for TV censoring officials the world over. Catch the show below:


Check yourself before you wreck yourself, BRIT producers. That’ll teach you not to mess with Madame Adele.—DEXYLEBOWSKI

via EW, DailyMail

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