Zooming to the Future


Published on Saturday, October 24, 2009

BMW simple concept“The best way to describe this is really like riding an endless wave with your surfboard or carving down an endless mountain with your carving skis.” BMW’s the Simple Concept meshes car and motorbike mobility. Imagine riding ‘something’ that automatically tilts! I wonder what this vehicle niche ought to be called since it defines a very futuristic segment that won’t be in serious production any time soon.

Tall as the 5 series and shorter than a Mini Cooper—the Simple Concept has incredible aerodynamics. Lightweight and efficient, one look at it is enough to tell you that even if you don’t speak torque, wheel-speak’s bound to possess you. I mean it’s such a beauty isn’t it? I can’t stop talking about it when I’m no ride-geek. That’s saying a lot kid! -TINDABS


via kanyeuniversecity

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