Brain Drain: 5 Random Tumblrs to Waste Time On


Published on Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sometimes, your brain just needs to take a couple of z’s before working at full capacity again. So when the neurons are nowhere to be found, you may be tempted to take a trip to one of these sites.

But be warned: Once you go in, you may never find your way out! Worth it for the LOLs though!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have life all figured out. Amazing careers, gorgeous marriage, now a cute little baby to boot. And with their lives going so well, they want to share that good karma with the world… namely Kanye and his questionable life choices. ‘Nuff said.

An endless scroll of bros being bros, hugging it out, showing support, and living the life supportive. Featuring everyone from Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. (of the Sherlock Holmes remakes) to various combinations of the Lord of the Rings boys, this tumblr shows you that there’s just nothing like a bro to lift up your spirits on a bad day.

The Hawkeye Initiative was able to gain a landmark of 10,000+ followers after only being open for little more than 18 hours. The draw? It basically gives you perspective on just how the empowered women of comic books are. Replace them with bow-bearing hero Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner in The Avengers) and everything becomes illuminated. Don’t take my word for it. Let the fan-submitted photos speak for themselves.

A STATUS Art Department favorite, this place isn’t just for dog lovers. With an infinite amount of pages recounting the nasty tales of the canine underbelly, Batdog’s Texts From Dog has captured the boredom of millions of people across the globe and has even spawned a book!

Combining the scandalous humor of Texts from Last Night with the surprising posh phenomenon that is Downton Abbey, Telegrams from Downton has us imagining the secret lives of our favorite estate elegants and what really goes on behind their plastered smiles and calm exteriors.—DEXYLEBOWSKI

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