Dripping With Talent

Gravity- many writers, artists and scientists have talked about this idea. Many have disliked it saying it wouldn’t let them fly, several have hated it saying it makes the world heavy and it pul

Leavitt Exhibit

Winding up its almost month-long run on Saturday is Michael Leavitt’s exhibit titled “Don’t Stop Object Shopping”. It features some of your favorite footwear like the Jordan II

Pimp Your Ride

Wondering how it would be like to give your ride a new look everyday? Well wonder no more. Zagreb School of Design student, Elvis Tomljenovic‘s winning entry to the Auto(r) Automotive Design Con

Furieous Art!

Over here at STATUS, we love everything that has to do with fashion, music and art. (Isn’t it obvious?) So when we came cross these pictures, we loved how these furry crazy drawings looked. Who

Music Demo

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