Designer Art

Let’s face it. Most of us would love to get our hands on anything designer made. From designer shoes, to bags, to clothes…how about some designer art piece? Fashion legend and now visual art extraordi

Wear Your Own Colours

Remember the colouring books you filled through all summer when you were 8? You can do that all over again. Only on your dress. These pieces made by Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman can be re-ass

No Child's Play

I actually had to Google “callotype still life prints and large cyanotypes” but from the looks of it, Neal Oshima’s soon-to-be-exhibited pieces are deceptively simple. Just Play, lik

Let Your Style Ecko

With all the kids coming up with their own tee designs nowadays, Marc Ecko spreads its blank shirts to young artists. Introducing the Ecko Unltd. Art Battle. You don’t even have to buy anything

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