Philippine Fashion Week Starts

Now when the biggest department store in the country decided to host a show, during Philippine Fashion Week at that, you know that there’s gonna be a lot to take in.  And believe me there was, w

Simply Striking

For an ad campaign to work, it don’t have to have an expensive set and high end fashion models. Sometimes the simplest settings make it pop just as much. That and you gotta have a great photogra

We're Channeling Chanel

Just when you thought that the recession had everyone down, pioneer in the biz, Chanel, proves that deviance always conjures a hit! Check out their Paris-Moscow collection for Fall09. With amazon-like

MIXTE and Match

Petit Bateu may be well-known in the arena of children’s fashion since 1893, but they’ve now cooked up something for the rest of us who are kids at heart. The design team behind the famous

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