I Want My MTV

Talk about an 80’s throwback. For the kids who weren’t there yet to see it happen, let me refresh your memory. In the early 80’s, MTV was born. Since then this music channel launched

Poke- Err- Face

KID CUDI did a collabo with KANYE WEST and COMMON using Lady GaGa’s acoustic/piano version of Poker Face. Damn, THIS BEAT IS SICK! Click HERE to listen to the MP3 Image via MOSSIPBLOG -Razzy B

Rye Rye Feat M.I.A.- "Bang"

So I’m up late and slapping myself on the forehead. Last Year, I randomly passed by Rye Rye’s page on MySpace and thought “This chick is pretty cool.” Then, I clicked the X but

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

French Alternative Rock Band Phoenix releases their next album this May 26. Thanks to the internet we got to listen to some singles already. It’s-just-too- good. Please make it stop. (not) CLICK

The Perfect Match

From the past to the present, sci fi has been inspiring all kinds of art. So its a pleasant surprise when you find out that Disney is producing a sequel for 80s flick Tron… and guess what

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