Chaud et Froid that’s Hot And Cold

Katy Perry feat. Yelle –Hot and Cold This is Yelle’s take on Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold. The song is quite different from the original it’s got a few verses in French and has this electro feel to it. T

One Man Band

Gone were the days where coming up with your own band seemed impossible. With all the technologies available for us nowadays, it seems like the impossible really is nothing. So you wanna do a one man

Embrace the Martian

Embrace the Martian by Kid Cudi featuring the Crookers. A remix by the Italian D.J Tevar. D.J tevar adds a very Euro club feel to this happening Kid Cudi track. To listen to this sweet track embrace t

We Love Hood Internet

Another excellent mash up from HOODINTERNET. The track is called “Comfortable Up Here” (LIL WAYNE vs RÖYKSOPP) They are the shizz. You can never go wrong with these guys Click HERE to list

Peaches- I Feel Cream

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen something new from The Peaches. Here they go with their new music video “Talk to Me”. The first official video from Peaches’ new album,

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