Gotta Love The Future

Love The Future the new album from Chester French is finally out. For those who don’t have the album yet, heres a preview, listen to this song by Chester French ‘The Jimmy Choos’. Listen to The Jimmy

Mission Complete

Fast and undeniably beautiful first things you would say when you would first see the Mission One. The Mission One is an electric motorbike from the company Mission Motors and was designed by Yves Beh

Seiko Frequency

Here’s a watch that was released in the late 90’s. The Seiko Frequency has a built-in drum machine for the frustrated musician or DJ in you. Seiko collaborated with Japanese pop star Tetsu


Who would’ve thunk all these amazing features could fit into something so tiny? Tipping the scales at just 1.4 lbs., the Sony VAIO P is touted as the lightest 8″ notebook in the world. In

Walk On By

The Walkman’s come a long, long way from its early cassette-playing days. Since the first blue & silver walkman hit the stores in 1979, Sony has released a gazillion versions of the portable

Music Demo

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