Who would’ve thunk all these amazing features could fit into something so tiny? Tipping the scales at just 1.4 lbs., the Sony VAIO P is touted as the lightest 8″ notebook in the world. In

Walk On By

The Walkman’s come a long, long way from its early cassette-playing days. Since the first blue & silver walkman hit the stores in 1979, Sony has released a gazillion versions of the portable

Bring Your House As You Go

The Instant Housing by Winfried Baumann is great for those backpacking around Europe, camping out in the fresh outdoors, or if you just have no place to stay.  Baumann designed this for homeless and o

We Fold!

Just when we thought Apple couldn’t make us take larger bites off the brand, it surprises us yet again with something new to covet! Introducing the Mac Folder. With it’s  ultra slim design

One Man Band

Gone were the days where coming up with your own band seemed impossible. With all the technologies available for us nowadays, it seems like the impossible really is nothing. So you wanna do a one man

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