Cloud 9

Wouldn’t it be great if after school or work, you get to float on a cloud? Well that was exactly what D.K. Wei thought of when he entered his idea of a floating couch in a relaxation design cont

Crystal Clear

This was just too cool not to share with you guys. This is the Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone Concept by Tokyo based designer Mac Funamizu. Looking at this I honestly can’t believe we used to have t

Pimp Your Ride

Wondering how it would be like to give your ride a new look everyday? Well wonder no more. Zagreb School of Design student, Elvis Tomljenovic‘s winning entry to the Auto(r) Automotive Design Con

Float Your Way To Music

It’s scorching hot and the heat just drives you insane. What better to do than splash around in your pool while listenin to your favorite songs.  This Floating Wireless Speaker let’s you l

Leica Lust

The Leica M8 All White Version. I’ve been dreaming about getting a Leica for the last year. This one above is the white version of the limited edition Leica M8 Safari camera. The last time I che

Music Demo

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