Your Jeans Can Live Forever

Published on Monday, April 25, 2011

While we can’t prove reincarnation with solid evidence, what we do know is that your favorite jeans can get a second life…and a third—heck, even a fourth. All it takes is a little faith in the powers of a New York-based jeans experts DENIM THERAPY.

Thanks to the denim repair company, you will never have to bid goodbye to your favorite jeans which you’ve accidentally ripped or bleached.   Denim Therapy can easily restore your denim pants like magic—except, there’s nothing really magical about how they do it.

Using a patent thread selection process called Match Perfect, Denim Therapy reconstructs your jeans by applying stitches that closely match the color of your jeans. Unlike patches which merely mask the hole, your denim pants become almost as good as new within two weeks, once it goes through Denim Therapy’s personalized fix.

Don’t live in New York? No problem.  Simply ship your pair of jeans to their shop (aka denim heaven) and have it sent back to you renewed! – The Soy Boy

via Denim Therapy

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