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Published on Saturday, January 21, 2012

6Oh, high school. Those prized years that we yearn to relive (well at least some.) Now, after all the makeovers and wardrobe renovations, we wonder: have we truly outgrown the awkward years?

Blogger Kookie Buhain claims to have been the good girl witha a geek streak. But though her name may sound sweet, she certainly was a tough cookie. She could have been the “Regina George” of her high school batch for all you know, facing people who she didn’t like with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. But whatever she was back then, it’s pretty obvious that she’s shed the awkwardness of her teenage years and has blossomed into the woman that she is now. -LADYZAZA
If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be?
Kookie: I’d be an oatmeal cookie, simple but tasty.

What was your childhood dream?
K: I wanted to travel the best beaches in the world and get paid for it. Becoming a professional surfer or dancer doesn’t hurt either, even if I don’t have ample skills for it.

What was your style like when you were a teenager?
K: When I was teen, it was all about flared jeans, halter tops and tank tops, and suede loafers which just shows how confused I was with fashion while growing up.

What’s one high school memory that sticks to you most?
K: I was a good girl when I was in high school. No kidding. I was such a geeky academic achiever. But the most memorable experience I had in high school was performing in front of a younger set of HS students to the tune of “Ghetto Superstar.” Needless to say, I became quite popular overnight, with people taunting me the next day for my poor imitation of Maya’s voice. Oh well. Life still went on after that.

What was your prom like?
K: We didn’t have a prom. We had a graduation ball and I played it safe with my dress. I was channeling a prim & proper lady look with a buttery yellow-gold gown and an updo. Everyone else looked the same as me but there was this one brave girl who broke the norm and dressed differently. Our prom was just okay. I didn’t even engage in any after-party craziness (I’m not even sure if there was any.)

What would you say to the then “Regina George” of your batch if you got to meet her today?
K: Fortunately, we didn’t have any Regina George character during my high school years. And if ever we did, I would’ve probably treated her the way I treat people who get to my nerves… face her with one eyebrow raised, smirk and then walk away laughing. Wait, maybe I was the Regina George? But nah. As I’ve said, I was a good girl.

What’s the best thing about growing up in the South?
K: We’re all pretty laidback and chill in the South and it shows in the way we dress. I could go to the mall in flip-flops and denim shorts and people won’t care how sloppy I look. I love living in the South. And I wouldn’t trade it for the fast-paced life in the North, that’s for sure.

Photos from Death By Platforms

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