Lany: Souls in Transit

Los Angeles-based alt-pop trio LANY are on the go and switches lanes from one concert after another to spread their music the best way they know how—playing live.

Miguel Enamorado: High Rise

Flying from one fashion capital to another, fashion director Miguel Enamorado lives a lifestyle that seems as if it was drawn out of an old Hollywood glamour film.

Andrew Nuding: Slant of Light

Looking at dioramas of daydreams through a viewfinder, London-based photographer Andrew Nuding captures dream-life depictions of the youth in sharp focus.

Eli Rezkallah: Life in Plastik

Finding a synergy between synthetic beauty and unnerving undertones, fashion photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist Eli Rezkallah morphs a cookie-cutter reality into surrealism, incarnate in his p

Matt Jones: Still Lives

Resident creative of i-D, fashion photographer MATT JONES takes control of his own focal point and captures his own light.

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