Mahalia: Ring Ring Ring

Intoxicated with passion and ambition, R&B artist Mahalia dials in to a woozy neo-soul groove that draws from the past but looks towards the future.

Tei Shi: Space of Solace

From releasing two EPs, Argentine altpop musician Tei Shi ventures to unapologetically having her heart on her sleeve.

Saro: Iridescent Darkness

With upcoming artist SARO’s signature dark pop melodies, the irony is quite strong as he soars through skies that bloom bright blue for him.

Temples: Cosmic Explosion

Taking everyone on a kaleidoscopic journey to nostalgia, UK band Temples is far from pulling the breaks as they ride to stardom with their latest album flashing brightly as their headlights.

Stella: Inside Tracks

R&B singer-songwriter STELLA packs up her bags and set out to find her own voice, learning fluently outside her family’s name as she paves her own way with her own brand of music.

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