Welles: Side Effects

In a generation of musicians powered by auto-tune and resounding beats, WELLES is sticking to its no-nonsense and gritty sound, making them stand out from the rest.

Vagabon: Lost in Paradise

Wandering across the spectrum of R&B, traditional rock, and bedroom pop, Vagabon is now ready to begin her journey to Infinite Worlds with her full-length debut album.

Dream Wife: Daytime Revolution

Marrying retro rock and pop with glitter-infused girl power anthems, English-Icelandic trio Dream Wife is here to break boundaries and glass ceilings with their indie punk cuts.

Ocean Park Standoff: Smooth Sailing

Starting off with a bump in the road, alt-pop band Ocean Park Standoff sets sail with their R&B and hip-hop beats to different shores with their newly released self-titled EP.

Cheat Codes: Rule Breakers

Electronic music trio Cheat Codes may infuse their own formula of pop with other genres to keep things fresh, but they’ve definitely cracked the code to their sound.

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