• Lisa Prank: The Diary of a Teenage Adult

    A self-professed feelings correspondent, lo-fi act Lisa Prank broadcasts sugary hooks dipped in bubblegum angst that’s reminiscent of pop punk’s past.

  • Sepideh Moafi: The Past Track

    Walking the streets as a lady of the night in HBO’s The Deuce, Sepideh Moafi paves her own path, no matter what stage she chooses to stand on.

  • CRX: Live and Louder

    Courtesy of his sheer desire to perform more often than usual, Nick Valensi leads his West Coast project CRX, and they’re geared to rock the world.

  • Fady Elsayed: Top of the Class

    Taking a step both backward and forward, British-Egyptian actor Fady Elsayed works hard to be a class act in the latest Doctor Who spinoff series.

  • Teenage Granny: Girlhood

    Leaving another mark on the timeline of her music career, Aly Cabral turns to her solo synthpop act Teenage Granny to explore other forms of art.

  • 8-bitfiction: Reality Bytes

    Pouring their sappy art into your childhood’s console, 8-bitfiction will never quit playing games with your heart no matter how hard you hit pause.

  • Savoy Motel: Burning Up

    Blazing with a mash of timeless beats from different decades, Savoy Motel leaves no vacancy for hackneyed habits, creating a contemporary groove.

  • Carlie Craig: Good Kid, Mad City

    All jokes aside, MADtv’s Carlie Craig might be born to be laughed at, but the comedian is out to break the tired trope that women aren’t funny.

  • Shaira Luna: Sentimental Saturation

    Taking the road less traveled parallel to her route the medical field, photographer Shaira Luna took a detour and changed the course of her history through the rose-colored frames of her vision.