• Ed Sheeran: Tumultuous Photographs

    With the help of some of the music industry’s biggest names, Ed Sheeran multiplies his charm and shows us his x factor.

  • Block Party: Ana Coto, Riley Voelkel, & Lorenza Izzo

    Rebelling against the fork in the road, these blooming artists took different routes without changing courses, holding on to what they're most passionate about.

  • Charli XCX: Feisty Monarchy

    Gathering up her following to create a new reign in the pop kingdom, Charli XCX is calling you up for the party she’s throwing.

  • Quentin Jones: The Grunge Factor

    In her denim jeans and strappy heels, illustrator, fashion filmmaker, and photographer Quentin Jones knows just how to add that perfect twist at the end of something already beautiful.

  • Simon Burstall: A Burst of Light

    In a world overflowing with fashion photographers, Simon Burstall captures a sense of vulnerability underneath a glossy aesthetic, exposing bold structures of fresh photos.

  • Tessa Edwards: The Messenger

    Stitching seams and scenes out of social issues and visual wonders, fashion designer and director Tessa Edwards delivers a message through shapes and silhouettes.

  • BP Valenzuela: All That She Is

    Six years after a fated encounter with a sound engineer, BP Valenzuela comes out with her debut EP covering all that she was, is, and what she will be.  

  • Leon Else: Spark It and Get Laced

    Constantly best-dressed and well-versed, young soul rebel Leon Else drowns out the noise singing today’s misadventures.

  • Mila J: Sober In Love

    With her bottle of patron, rattled and sippin’ on heartache’s toxic, Mila J resurfaces solo and dances through it all, bringing back vibes from the great '90s.