• Hannah Gill & The Hours: Against the Clock

    Hannah Gill teams up with Brad Hammonds to bear lusty compositions muddled in sophistication as Hannah Gill & The Hours.

  • Amber Coney: Paging Through

    Actress and screenwriter Amber Coney tells tales of drama and vampire lovers in James Franco’s remake of Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

  • Drowners: Spare Change

    Characterized by a boyish British charm and soulfulness of a New York avenue, indie rock quartet Drowners ascend with a darker sonic identity in their debut album On Desire.

  • Bao Ngo: Urban Kaleidoscope

    With Canon A-1 pointing out to the beauty of every visual narrative her lens can find, NY-based fashion photographer Baohien Ngo lets her beliefs subtly creep into her hazy art.

  • Gigi Hadid: American Muse

    Gigi Hadid steps out of the term "model of the moment" and onto the runway of the new breed of supermodels, with her seraphic face and love for burgers.

  • Computer Magic: A Space Odyssey

    Cultivating a knack for lo-fi, synthpop melodies reminiscent of nostalgic extraterrestrial encounters on the silver screen, Computer Magic ain’t no cheap trick.

  • The Temper Trap: Out of the Shadows

    Ditching their sophomore record’s electronic blips and reverting to a guitar-oriented sound, The Temper Trap’s Thick As Thieves is a testament to their unyielding brotherhood.

  • Kiersey Clemons: Freeway Juvenile

    Kiersey Clemons hits the curb of the existing archetypes in Hollywood and breaks away with her versatility and control over her representation of color.

  • Online Exclusive: Getting Excited With Travis Atreo

    Read on as Travis Atreo details how he projects his own style into his covers and how he keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground.