• Isamaya Ffrench: Two-Faced Beauty

    Re-defining the look of the season, makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench manipulates artistry into to her palette to create beautiful disasters and terrifying muses.

  • Mod Sun: Bohemian Rap City

    Wrapping himself in good vibrations, Mod Sun shines on a kaleidoscopic setting with his concoction of hippie rap, electronic hooks, and tropic beats.

  • Nicco Manalo: Modern-Day Man

    Actor Nicco Manalo steps off the stage and into the silver screen, setting himself under the limelight to introduce himself to the audience past the characters he’s been recognized for.

  • Chloë Sevigny: Film À Clef

    Apathetic to being "of the moment," Chloë Sevigny is anything but. Regardless of which image of her stays with you, every moment with the muse on screen will forever be Chloë's scene.

  • Alia Penner: Prism Break

    Drenched in nostalgic hues and vivid fantasies, it’s a myriad of colors and a spectacle of spectrums when Alia Penner makes her art bleed onto music hits and playful fantasies.

  • Cory Michael Smith: Switching Sides

    Straight from the treacherous city of Gotham, Cory Michael Smith can be found anywhere except where you think he would be, putting on a show that presents his promise and passion.

  • Brthr: Double Vision

    It only takes two for BRTHR to completely capture and engulf you in their digital daydream. Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman produce a hyperreality in tune with our online instincts.

  • Online Exclusive: Charli XCX

    We asked the singer-songwriter about her lipstick colors, forming a girl band with Rihanna, and the right time to drop that kitty.

  • Neil Krug: Requiem for the West

    Snapping hazy seduction with a flair for film, creative artist Neil Krug shutters at the thought of photographs existing without fragmented scenes and stories that hook you on a feeling.