• Elliot Knight: Screen Affair

    With notable work in both series and film, English actor Elliot Knight is determined to take over the world, one story at a time.

  • Varsity: Major League

    Though their band name has nothing to do with sports, Chicago-based quintet Varsity is hitting homeruns with their blissed-out pop hooks and candy-coated choruses.

  • Amara Karan: The Darling Unlimited

    Harboring a symmetry to her different sides, actress Amara Karan's undeniable, raw talent oozes on stage and on screen.

  • Fools and Foes: Independent State

    Refusing to be anything but predictable, let indie folk quartet Fools and Foes take you into a unique musical voyage with full acoustics, powerful emotion, and soulful energy.

  • Vangoathe: Urban Outfitter

    Earning double taps sure comes naturally for local illustrator Vangoathe. Take a trip down memory lane with his modern reimagining of our favourite cartoons.

  • Grace: Grace By Fire

    Creating a name for oneself at the tender age of 19 is quite a tricky task, but Australian singer-songwriter Grace has managed to beat the odds with her inimitable talent.

  • Dilly Dally: Coming of Rage

    With bloodcurdling melodies and painfully poetic lyrics that easily transcend through a vocal phenomenon, Dilly Dally is surely on the high road to success.

  • Garbage: Vulnerable Species

    Flying high with the release of Strange Little Birds, Shirley Manson and co. are revved up and ready to make hard-hitting contact with their new and yet proverbial sound.

  • Keith Ape: Hustle & Flow

    Hailing from a country whose local music scene is dominated primarily by shiny boybands and cutesy girl groups, Keith Ape proves that Koreans can spit some sick rhymes as well.