• Sophia Black: Multitude of Synths

    Singing songs by telling stories in layers of hypnotizing synths and hazy beats, singer- songwriter Sophia Black cleverly weaves pretty pictures in range of language and emotions.

  • Jimmy Marble: New Color Wave

    Making moods come to life, filmmaker, photographer, and muralist Jimmy Marble pops positivity and color into every frame with his sun-tainted, New French Wave magic.

  • Petite Noir: Riding the Noirwave

    With the release of his debut album, genre-defying musician Petite Noir looks into the bright future of noirwave as it makes its way into pop culture.

  • Bash Sanchez: Heartbreak Hotel

    With the air of the icons of our past, model Bash Sanchez owns a timeless charm, a dichotomy of power and softness reflected in his photos.

  • Yeo Kaa: The Virgin Suicides

    Relishing in both candy- colored sweetness and dark states of torment, artist Yeo Kaa paints perpetual pain and romance found in the sadistic reality that is our world.

  • Chris Baio: Auto-Baiography

    Moonlighting as a dance DJ and an electronic artist, Chris Baio works through a vampire weekend and shares his daily grind through his solo record, The Names.

  • Daniel Aristizábal: Retro Genius

    With his personal punch of retrospective color and geometric surrealism, a mixture of rationality and creativity greets the aesthetic of digital artist Daniel Aristizábal.

  • Angel Haze: Her Highness

    With her stage name being the love child of two high entities, Angel Haze smokes up beats that rise up with her narrative in the most honest way possible.

  • Chris Cornell: Quest for Higher Truth

    Carrying on from euphoric mornings to screaming a quiet fidelity in his new album, singer-songwriter and frontman of Soundgarden Chris Cornell seeks his own truth.