• John Yuyi: Skin and Tones

    Breaking down Taiwanese-born artist John Yuyi’s creative style can be quite a tricky feat, but one thing’s for sure: “ordinary” doesn’t seem to belong in her vocabulary.

  • Hinds: Coming to America

    Ready to take the main stage one country at a time, garage pop quartet Hinds are more than willing to give the middle finger to those who say otherwise.

  • Tyang Karyel: Pop Goes The Easel

    Wistfully coloring with the chaos of trouble, local artist Tyang Karyel is all sorts of peculiar like her art that’s drenched in a palette of vibrant hues–it’s every bit nostalgic.

  • Polly A: Goal Rush

    After years of working behind the music scene, Polly A steps out into the spotlight for the very first time, making that “ghetto gold” dreams of hers into reality.

  • Miguel Alomajan: Speed of Light

    With his green hair that can be spotted within a mile radius, Manila native Miguel Alomajan straddles fun and function that can easily be reflected through his photographs.

  • Ages and Ages: Subsurface

    Not one to shy away from creating music that resonates through one’s soul, Ages and Ages continues to strike a balance between the familiar and mysterious.

  • Lela Loren: Anti Paradigm

    Just like her femme fatale character in Power, Lela Loren is not someone to mess around with ‘cause her acting chops alone could easily throw someone off their game.

  • Dinosaur Jr.: Sound Bite

    The journey to success might be rough but alternative rock legends Dinosaur Jr. is far from going extinct as we dig a little deeper into the band’s story.

  • EDEN: Electric Youth

    Breaking into the EDM scene with such finesse like he’s right where he’s meant to be, Dublin-based singer and producer EDEN is definitely going places.