• Online Exclusive: Fly Art Productions

    Fly Art Productions combine the old with the new as they pair notable classic and contemporary works of art with the lyrical genius of hip-hop's most acclaimed.

  • Ta-Ku: To the Jugular

    Hitting the high snare in the music industry as well as fashion, photography, and even hair-cutting, Perth-based music producer Ta-Ku wrings genres while doing everything else he’s passionate about.

  • Death Cab for Cutie: Restoration in Peace

    Alt-rock staple Death Cab for Cutie won’t be hiding their flaws in their latest album, Kintsuji. Moving forward with a new outlook for the next chapter, they prove how breaking the pieces can find new ways to reconfigure.

  • Collin Tilley: Stay Tuned

    From Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj to Rick Ross, music director Colin Tilley has found the secret formula to a million hits and clicks.

  • Online Exclusive: Sway Clarke II

    Sway Clarke II writes verses that are pulled from encounters with lovers, friends, and even complete strangers creating songs that speak of the bittersweet taste of desire and life.

  • Tandems ’91: Off The Wall

    Tweaking your uncle’s favorite records, Tandems ‘91 forms a digital nostalgia that revives some soul and funk fit for a full-blown party.

  • Chance The Rapper: School of Rap

    Chance The Rapper hits the right rhythm tripping on acid rap with his sophomore release. Taking a backseat from the spotlight, the young MC from Chicago joins his crew and longtime buds.

  • Kate Moross: Stroke of Luck

    Artist Kate Moross is no wannabe and is more than able to spice up your life. From bookshops to TV screens to glossy pages, her doodles have escaped the borders of her sketchpad.

  • Pharrell Williams: The Mad Hatter

    They say two heads are better than one, but with his art on his sleeve and a Vivienne Westwood hat on his head, it only takes one Pharrell Williams to conquer the world.