• Nick Brewer: Fresh Off the Boat

    Straight off the hip-hop CD rack and into a mix of soulful, introspective rap of his own, London-based rapper Nick Brewer offers a fresh cup of his music.

  • Keiynan Lonsdale: Quick Fix

    Known as Insurgent’s Uriah Pedrad, actor Keiynan Lonsdale makes a pit stop to give us the lowdown in the fast lanes as The Flash’s newest speedster, Wally West.

  • Christian Coppola: Real Arthouse

    Reimagining dream sequences and recording them in real life, NYC-based filmmaker Christian Coppola puts picture-perfect memories clouded on film.

  • Teresa Oman: Sunshine Syndrome

    A disco-dancing karaoke queen in rainbow clothing off-camera, dolphin-slash- model Teresa Oman catches you off-guard while morphing into any scenic landscape.

  • Oh, Flamingo!: On the Fly

    En route to launching their eponymous EP, we have a chat with Manila-based indie rock quartet Oh, Flamingo! to give us a bird’s eye view of the local scene.

  • Shamir: Generation Y

    Dropping a debut EP and an album, 21-year old pop artist Shamir Bailey keeps us in check with his personal style, musical endeavors, and everything that is keeping busy.

  • Jerrold Tarog: History in the Making

    Marching to his own beat, director Jerrold Tarog broke cinemas with must-watch biopic Heneral Luna, declaring the start of his legacy on Philippine cinema.

  • Elizabeth Debicki: Under Control

    With an eloquence in her movement to any character she plays, Australian actress Elizabeth ventures into different lives with every role she portrays.

  • Mija: Green and Mean

    Last seen at Road to Ultra: Philippines 2015, EDM’s staple DJ Mija clears the air out to say that she doesn’t give a damn about anything but making good music.