• Carlos Castaño: Heart Racing Track

    While chasing hearts and songs to fuel the race of life in music, independent Filipino musician Carlos Castaño sings his way to his dreams of winning a Grammy.

  • Kimi Selfridge: Can’t Be Framed

    Snapping and flashing, photographer Kimi Selfridge makes memorable photos come alive and travel through nostalgia without counting pixels.

  • Block Party: Le Gun, ILoveDust, Pale Horse, and Giulio Iurissevich

    Setting aside the watercolors and canvases, these live artists and muralists take to the streets of light and paint creatures of the night.

  • Weezer: The Neverending Story

    Throwing back to the shack are alt rock heroes Weezer. Releasing their ninth LP, they’re going for the better end. Complete with the lightning strap.

  • Leslie De Chavez: In The Smoky Hour

    Artist Leslie De Chavez scatters the color black to reveal the myriad of colors and issues that make up our modern day spectrum.

  • DJ Carlo Atendido: In The Bull Pen

    Circulating the hottest clubs in the Metro, DJ Carlo Atendido makes a stop at the Status HQ to talk about competing in one of the biggest DJ competitions in the world.

  • Imogen Heap: Hands In The Air

    Leading the technological manipulation for live performances in her genre, Imogen Heap gestures towards an advancement that wears like a glove.

  • Daniel Arsham: Think Twice

    Daniel Arsham experiments with different art forms and merges them with the basics of our existence in order to create curiosities that cause a rift in the natural order.

  • Heather Kemesky: Fantastical Versatility

    A dreaming soul and an ethereal beauty, Heather Kemesky takes on the fashion industry with her feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and heart in all things intriguingly surreal.