• Online Exclusive: DJ SoSuperSam

    Manila shouted SOSS when this DJ chick descended on the crowd of Black Market MNL.

  • Elle Muliarchyk: Muse Flash

    Leaving the fashion scene for fitting rooms of high-end boutiques, Elle Muliarchyk posed her way to her art, snapping self-portraits illicitly all the way to the top.

  • Slow Magic: Into the Wild

    Hit pause in the real world and put on Slow Magic as he transports you to the sounds of yesteryears while playing pretend with your childhood friend.

  • Haylee Barsky: Twilight Zone

    Photographer Haylee Barsky owns a raw sort of glamour, allowing her to capture a crawling, bare beauty.

  • Greylag: Portland Trailblazers

    Ever since their debut, Oregon-based trio Greylag has been rewriting the rules of modern folk music. You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

  • Cass Bird: Under The Soft Light

    Capturing the voyeurism of daydreams, the Cass Bird snaps the intrigue and abandon of muses and misfits alike.

  • Mark Mabanag: See You At Sea

    Surfer-turned-documentarian Mark Mabanag beguiles audiences in the Philippines’ first surf film—it’s enough to make you miss the ocean.

  • Panama Wedding: Hooked on High Temps

    Every single from Panama Wedding’s EP, Parallel Play, breaks mercury and hits sugar high, spinning to the tunes of synthpop under the summer sun.

  • Brayden Olson: A Crude Awakening

    Photographer Brayden Olson trades in his video cam for a film camera to follow last night’s squanders of the youngins, compiling a visionary journey that’s true to the spirit of youth.