• CRWN: Watch The Throne

    Mixing hip-hop, R&B, and Motown with EDM, bow down to King Puentespina as he cuts through genres to assume a sound and a new identity under CRWN.

  • George Maple: Space and Sound

    The future is a sleek and sexy siren in the guise of George Maple, whose sensual voice melds well with dream-like beats.

  • Block Party: Alexandra Valenti, Jon Stars, Emily Knecht, and Sophie Van Der Perre

    These analogue photographers shoot darling damsels golden deserts and beyond.

  • Blake Anderson: Working Grass Hero

    His name is Blake Anderson and he’s a workaholic. Under all that hair is a hero working hard for the funny, sans the neckties and the bakes. Well, not completely.

  • Online Exclusive: CHVRCHES

    Haven't recovered from CHVRCHES' performance? Neither have we.

  • Lights: From The Night’s Arrest

    Growing up under the influence of her father, Lights slept with music as her night light. Now rising to the occasion, she takes over with songwriting prowess.

  • Priory: Synthpop Monastery

    This ain’t a shrine–it’s a goddamn arms-raising electropop band Priory. Singing anthems to the almighty weekend, swinging on the skating rink isn’t the only thing they make us do.

  • Jake Hoffman: The New Wave

    Stepping out of his father's shadow, Jake Hoffman heralds a new league in the entertainment industry as he takes five from acting to pursue his directorial dreams and more.

  • Carlos Castaño: Heart Racing Track

    While chasing hearts and songs to fuel the race of life in music, independent Filipino musician Carlos Castaño sings his way to his dreams of winning a Grammy.