• Braina Laviena: Rising Tide

    Constantly shifting her creative energy towards something new, Braina Laviena dives into unfamiliar territories with her sun-kissed skin and ever-changing hairstyle under her belt.

  • Jake McDorman: Beyond The Limit

    Making his rounds in action-packed blockbusters, actor Jake McDorman is on a new assignment, Limitless. We catch him poppin’ pills as the smartest person on the planet.

  • King Bach: Six Seconds of Fame

    In a span of six seconds, King Bach will hit you with his punch lines that’ll make you double tap out. From quick jokes, relatable gags, and outrageous public stunts, he’s willing to do it for the vine.

  • Hannah Lux Davis: Girl On Top

    Perfectly framing today’s biggest musicians isn’t easy, but good thing Hannah Lux Davis is here to save the day. Capturing the brightest stars, she sheds light on being one of the most sought-after directors in the industry.

  • New Politics: Sons of Anarchy

    Fresh from their success with A Bad Girl in Harlem, New York-based group New Politics are on a new expedition as the alt-rock power trio prepares to raid the billboard charts with Vikings.

  • The Weeknd: Method in Madness

    With a less-than-lackluster demeanor for the norm, Abel Tesfaye otherwise known as The Weeknd paved his own daily grind inspired by his lust for the weekend.

  • SoKo: Audio Dreamscape

    Cosmic virtuality in form of dreams screams the punk secrets of singer- songwriter SoKo. From being an alien out of this world to dictating surreality, she’s here on this planet to stay.

  • Raleigh Ritchie: Armed and Ready

    You might have seen him battling it out for your entertainment in Game of Thrones but Jacob Anderson a.k.a. Raleigh Ritchie has his own mix of pop, hip-hop, and R&B up his sleeves.

  • Jodeb: Double Exposure

    Canadian filmmaker Jonathan Desbiens a.k.a. Jodeb reels in his online audience with his knack for his exotic, full-length cinematic experience in a span of four minutes.