• Farida: Body and Neo-Soul

    WIth her debut EP The 25th Hour, Norwegian-Algerian artist Farida empowers her music with retro beats, raw sounds, and a soulful vibe.

  • Jako de Leon: Irregular Programming

    Press play, fast forward, and rewind with digital show producer Jako de Leon as he paves the way towards the new wave of media.

  • Tacocat: Powerpunk Girls (+Boy)

    Seattle-based quartet Tacocat is here to prove that girls want more than just fun. Get ready to bite into their sonic angst in Lost Time.

  • Ryan Guzman: The Big Hit

    As Ryan Guzman makes his way to the ‘80s with Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some, the actor proves that he’s sticking to cinema.

  • Assembly Generals: Call of Duty

    Manila-based hip-hop supergroup Assembly Generals march with one foot in old school rhymes and another in new school beat designs.

  • Daniel Webber: The Professional

    Daniel Webber is dressed to the nines as one of the most notorious assassins in history Lee Harvey Oswald in Hulu's series, 11.22.63.

  • Violett Beane: On Fleet

    Picking up the pace on the fast lane, actress Violett Beane runs into the DC Universe as the smart speedster Jesse Quick in The CW's The Flash.

  • Melanie Martinez: Real Talk, Baby Talk

    Jumping from NBC's The Voice and onto a bigger stage with her album Cry Baby, Melanie Martinez isn’t afraid to talk about adult stuff.

  • Getter: Super Rad

    With rips and dips of graphic slimes and turbulent grimes, producer/DJ Getter builds a futuristic neon palace in his EP Radical Dude.