• Kate Moross: Stroke of Luck

    Artist Kate Moross is no wannabe and is more than able to spice up your life. From bookshops to TV screens to glossy pages, her doodles have escaped the borders of her sketchpad.

  • Pharrell Williams: The Mad Hatter

    They say two heads are better than one, but with his art on his sleeve and a Vivienne Westwood hat on his head, it only takes one Pharrell Williams to conquer the world.

  • Natalie Dreyfuss: Ladies First

    Embodying the mother of vampires, LA actress Natalie Dreyfuss adds more to her string of TV roles as Cassie in The Originals and more gore than her usual girl-on-screen.

  • Online Exclusive: Halo + Halo

    Bringing in the bags that break convention, designer Cara Sumabat of local brand Halo + Halo seams in a love for form and function in each collection.

  • Ultimate Painting: Of Serendipitous Birth

    From a friendship between Jack Cooper and James Hoare sprung out jam sessions inspired by the sonic flare of the ‘60s.

  • Clara Benin: Growing Into Her Own

    Branching out farther from her father's roots, Clara Benin takes on a solo career and a debut album with her guitar in hand and her voice on the ready.

  • Mr.: Mistery of Neopop

    Dark desires in doe-eyed figures are awakened as Mr. chastens seductive fantasy into serene faces, fusing contemporary and kitsch beyond the line of sweet erotica.

  • Online Exclusive: Tycho

    While the festival of images make their happy way into your brain, they coincide with the tracks from ambient artist, TYCHO in his performance in Manila.

  • Todd James: Art Metro Street

    Framing hue for smiles and snickers,Todd James blends nudity and nostalgia with his satirical current in distorted visions of smoking blonds and smiling aircrafts.