• Daniel Arsham: Think Twice

    Daniel Arsham experiments with different art forms and merges them with the basics of our existence in order to create curiosities that cause a rift in the natural order.

  • Heather Kemesky: Fantastical Versatility

    A dreaming soul and an ethereal beauty, Heather Kemesky takes on the fashion industry with her feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and heart in all things intriguingly surreal.

  • ODESZA: Sung In Return

    Seattle natives Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight make up electronic duo ODESZA, now bursting across the map to the reinvention of their second album, In Return.

  • Christian Cooke: Under His Spell

    Actor Christian Cooke doesn’t need a witch’s cauldron to stir up some potions to follow his every will. He’s got charm and an electric personality for that.

  • Merijn Hos: Pipe Dream Fantasy

    Through gentles strokes and iridescent hues of strange fantasies, Utrecht-based artist and illustrator Merijn Hos doesn’t need to sleep to live out his mind’s imagination.

  • Kimbra: Bright Light Leaks

    Above all the echoes, Kimbra is back with a resounding statement: she’s not just somebody that you used to know.

  • Chanel West Coast: Down This Coast

    You might know Chanel West Coast for her stint as an MTV host, but what you probably aren’t aware of is this babe’s budding rapping career. You better get down in this coast.

  • Warren Fu: To Render In Motion

    From Daft Punk to Mark Ronson to The Killers to Haim, music video director Warren Fu commands the visuals of some of the biggest names in television today.

  • Ed Sheeran: Tumultuous Photographs

    With the help of some of the music industry’s biggest names, Ed Sheeran multiplies his charm and shows us his x factor.