• Jared Thomas Kocka: Fast and Furious

    Trading pizza deliveries with fast-paced photoshoots, LA-based photographer Jared Thomas Kocka snaps his subjects with a simple, clean, and energetic aesthetic.

  • Rae Sremmurd: The Flex Zone

    Khalif “Swae Lee” and Aaquil “Slim Jimmy” Brown might have no type, but they aren’t your typical millennial rappers that’s high on life. Rae Sremmurd welcomes you to the SremmLife.

  • Lion Babe: In Hot Pursuit

    Striking while the iron is hot, Lion Babe takes no chill pill as the neo-soul tandem juggles between working with titans of the music industry while making a name for themselves.

  • Sara Cummings: Cosmic Girl

    Living in the space age, Sara Cummings makes us look twice with her celestial air, piercing us with her bright green eyes and speckled freckles, an alien before the camera.

  • Lewis Watson: Onward Bound

    Straight out of your computer screens, London- based singer-songwriter Lewis Watson is on a journey to live out his virtual reality as he travels from one continent to another.

  • Samira Wiley: Knockout Punch

    Breaking free of her recurring role, Samira Wiley is caught in the act. From serving poetic justice at Juilliard to entering Litchfield Penitentiary, the actress proves to be a true breakout.

  • Kendall Jenner: Perfect Storm

    With a double-sided girl-next-door smile transformed to a darkness seen only in her eyes, Kendall Jenner has shown the world that she is a supermodel in her own right.

  • Isamaya Ffrench: Two-Faced Beauty

    Re-defining the look of the season, makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench manipulates artistry into to her palette to create beautiful disasters and terrifying muses.

  • Mod Sun: Bohemian Rap City

    Wrapping himself in good vibrations, Mod Sun shines on a kaleidoscopic setting with his concoction of hippie rap, electronic hooks, and tropic beats.