Candice Accola: Growing Pains

Published on Thursday, April 18, 2013

CANDICE ACCOLA may chomp on necks as The Vampire Diaries‘s Caroline Forbes, but offscreen, she admits to loving strawberry banana Greek yogurt with Maché granola. Blood is an acquired taste, after all.

“I was excited to sink my teeth in a pair of fangs.”

If Caroline were a real person, would you wanna be friends with her? If there was anything she taught you at all, what would it be?
Caroline has proved to be a good friend as the seasons have gone on. She doesn’t always do everything right, but she tries. Caroline’s reminded me to let myself off the hook when I put my foot in my mouth. Also that I’m not the only one in the world that goes a little koo koo when she’s hosting a party.

Where were you when you found out that Caroline was going to be a vampire? How did you react to it? Were you surprised?
Caroline becoming a vampire was discussed on and off throughout season one. I was excited to sink my teeth in a pair of fangs.

What would you rather date, a werewolf or a vampire?
In my single years, I’m sure I’ve dated one of each!

You play the role of Chloe in Season 2 of Dating Rules from My Future Self; if there would be one dating advice you could give to all the teens out there, what would it be?
Dating is not always easy. However the root of your relationship should make both people in the relationship happy. There should be more happy moments than sad. And never ever should you or your partner resort to name calling. Even if you’re in a fight, you should still respect each other.

Off the TV, what does Candice like to to do?
Watch TV! I love to cook and have dinners with my friends. I love the park. My friends coordinated a glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee game, and everyone came over after for chili and cornbread I made the night before. Good wine, food, friends, and family. That’s my idea of a good time now.

Interview by Bianca Cruz
Photographed by Amanda Elkins
Styled by Jacque Saladino
Makeup by Kristina Goldberg
Hair by Shannon Mason
Production Assistant Alex Levine

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