STRFKR: Oh My Stars!

Published on Sunday, February 19, 2012

STATUS talks to STRFKR frontman Josh Hodges about their name change and how it’s like to make music—with Keil Corcoran (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards, drums)—that is too starfuckin’ sweet. I first got hooked on STRFKR when I heard their cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” And every morning for about a month, I made sure it was my alarm tone. I felt like I was in my own music video with the thumping intro, layered synth melodies, and even dance-ier rendition. Early weekday mornings just became tolerable.

We lost Starfucker for a while and gained PYRAMID(dd). What brought on the name change and what made you change it back?
Confusion, spurred by some people around us making us think that we needed to change it. Coming to our senses and not working with those people anymore made us change it back.

You once described the band’s music as “dance music that you can actually listen to, that’s good pop songs, but also you can dance to it.” Where does the distinction lie between dance music and pop? How do you guys blur that line?
I just wanted to make a live show that could be entertaining whether one likes to dance or not. I was getting bored of going to shows back then, but if the band was playing songs that had a good beat I could at least dance and still have a good time, even if I wasn’t super into the music. And I think it works the other way around as well.

A lot of your songs end or start with Alan Watts lectures. Where did that fascination start? Do you think he’d make a great musician if he were alive today?
I don’t know if he’d make a great musician but he is certainly a great communicator. I think that’s why I like to use him in my music so much. He has this unique ability to discuss big philosophical ideas in a way that is accessible to anyone. Also, he has such a colorful voice.
You recently tweeted that the Belgian Starfucker just disbanded, may they rest in peace. Care to say a little eulogy for the dearly departed?
May all beings be happy.

I know you guys have had quite a history with the great Liza Minelli (not to mention having her as an uncle). If you were to recommend one of your songs to Madame L, which one would it be and how would you pitch it to her?
[Laughs] Oh man…maybe “Medicine.” I’d love to hear her sing that!

What’s gonna keep Starfucker busy next year? Any new projects on the drawing board?
Ya, ya. New projects, time off from touring, writing and recording.

Can you name fresh tracks you can’t stop listening to right now?
For me, it’s pretty much anything off Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s (st) album. If I have to choose one then it would probably be “Jello and Juggernauts.” It has a playful and classical vibe and so much soul.
Photographed by Tyler Kohlhoff
Introduction by Reena Mesias
Interview by Rita Faire

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