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Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5_1Geek is in. Without the overplay of thick framed glasses and looking posey with structured-in gelled hair, Need Supply Co. pulls it off by piling it on. Layering long sleeve polos over plain T-shirts and sporting structured jackets or blazers define the lookbook.

Style of clothing may look uptight and stiff with Polos buttoned to the top and sleeves pulled all the way down, leaving little exposed—which makes us wonder what intelligent design may be concealed under.



Hiding beneath a mat of out-of-bed hair, their style is on point. Need Supply Co’s September 2011 collection translates into uncomplicated and sensible. With tops that match the cropped pants, and chinos paired with leather lace up boots or suede shoes, the lookbook gives an edge to looking chic in geek. –ROBIN SPARKLES




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