Now Hear This!

Published on Monday, June 10, 2013

When was the last time you said, “This is it?” For the soda giant Coca-Cola, it’s now when they got Glee stars Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Dean Geyer, and Becca Tobin to be their brand ambassadors for the brand’s newest offering, the P10 300 ml Coke Mismo. We caught up with them at Manila Peninsula last Friday.

I’ll be honest; the last time I watched Glee was the end of season 2 (or was it season 1?), but considering the nature of my job, I’ve been seeing photos of the new cast a lot. So it was still a bonus seeing some of them up close—and hearing them sing as I enjoy a can.

Coca-Cola never runs out of ideas, hhmm? From clothing, art, music collaborations (Have you seen the Daft Punk Limited Edition bottles? [This is my weak attempt to promote our June 2013 issue featuring these guys.]) to books and fun, unique packagings i.e. sharing cans, Coke always knows how to spread em smiles on our faces.

For more info, like them on Facebook and Follow @Coke_HappyPrez with hashtag #itona #GleeforCoke.—PEPPERMINT BUTLER




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