Status Magazine May 2014 Resurgent Issue Ft. Emily Kinney

Published on Thursday, May 8, 2014

STATUS Magazine is braving a new world this May 2014 as singer/actress Emily Kinney serenades her way past the walking dead.

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Walking On Sunshine

Originating from Nebraska, Emily Kinney took to NYC to pave her way to an acting career. In between slaying walkers and taking care of Judith as Bethe Greene, the actress-slash-singer shares her Expired Love for stoner boyfriends and lost loves.

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Stay The Night

With the fast-paced life of this generation, indie rock quintet The National continue to rock the house with their ode to melancholy.

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Random Access Memories

Influenced by the development of consumerism, technology, identity, and cyber culture in societyLondon-based artist Nick Gentry repurposes digital artifacts from the past for futuristic portraits.

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In Fashion…

Catch the goddess on the rocks with our in-house fashion editorial, Sun And Sand.

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Summer’s not over yet. Step out with the latest Swag and enjoy a sun-kissed season with essentials like shades, printed, tailored shorts, bandeaus, tank tops, and strappy sandals.

Also in the issue…


… and a whole lot more.

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