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Published on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nowadays, everything is a remix, so much so that we’ve accepted the “uniqueness” of Lady Gaga. It’s now quite hard to come across an image that cannot be described by referring to something else of times past. This was the dilemma of Adbusters when they published “Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.”

This is the same issue raised by last Friday’s Collage Drop Outs, which opened at Finale Art File. “Does borrowing, or the sometimes preferred term, stealing, yield any more creative innovation or insights?” they ask. Before you ask me if it’s then okay to copy-paste your homework from Wikipedia (by the way, this teacher thinks it is), check out the work of these artists in this exhibit–co-curated and documented by the internationally respected artist Mariano Ching himself. The show is ongoing until the end of the year.

*Photo: embroidery detail of “Let’s Talk About Everything” by IZZIYANA SUHAIMI. It says “everyday, we have to wake up and remind ourselves how to roar”

Speaking of remixes, check out ProudRace‘s SS2012 teaser featuring their forever muse Marita Ganse dancing like a virgin while wearing a prim and proper sweater printed with Madonna on the Versace logo. I’ve heard what the inspiration is literally about, but it’s better if you take a look at their mood board–cult spinsters x 90s hookers x etc–I don’t know what’s goin on either, and that’s what making it exciting.


Last week, I got to try on a new pair of shoes…made of paper. Sounds stupid, right? Well, the makers of (Selectism-approved!) Civic Duty are smarter than me because not only can you draw on their shoes but also wear them during rainy days. Huh? Turns out the material isn’t exactly paper but Tyvek. I was told they won’t tear (I tried) even when you bite them (I tried again). You can’t buy it anywhere yet, but I heard a store in my hood might carry it soon.

It’s really looking a lot like Christmas, and looks like Carina Santos (also behind the brilliant book project Recovery) already got her gift in the form of her first solo exhibit, Excavations from the End of the World, opening later today and closing on the 31st. Carina is a clever mixed media artist, and she has been schooling me in the brilliance of Roberto Chabet.  Above is a little preview of the pieces in her show. Much complicated from her little pieces sold at Heima. See you at West Gallery!

It’s Fete dela WSK once again, and the lineup is packed as ever. The festival opens at Ronac Art Center this year and moves to a dozen other venues featuring lectures and performances as “a platform for artists who use sound and technology as their medium and their muse.” This year, as the festival has featured Japanese musician Tujiko Noriko, I heard about a possible surprise guest which might just be announced in the coming days. Clue: Irish. Don’t want you to expect, so indulge yourself with the more final roster including the brilliant Indonesian videogame-influenced duo BOTTLESMOKER among others.—NANSAN

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