The Disposable Skateboard Bible

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Published on Friday, July 3, 2009

Acting as a sequel to Sean Cliver’s Disposable – A History of Skateboard Art, the skateboard afficionado and design artist gives us the ultimate must-have for the high-rollin’ dude or dudette, The Disposable Skateboard Bible.

Pages after pages of sick skate graphics comprise this “ultimate encyclopedia of skateboard decks.” It was the year 1989 when Sean entered the skate arena and became one of Powell-Peralta’s designers. Peep through his artistic take on this widespread urban culture of skateboarding as he presents “brief vignettes and recollections from personalities ranging from Tony Hawk and Mark Gonzales to Steve Caballero and Stacy Peralta.”

Do an Ollie in one of these and you’d be the ish in any skatespot.-TRACE C.

Via Curated Mag

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